Friday, October 9, 2009

Spirit Stories Fan Mail

Oh how nice! I was having a grumpy, discombobulated morning and I popped into my inbox and found fan mail! One little email can really save a day! Thank you Joey, though I'm sorry I made you cry...

"Yesterday, I read your chapter on the hike with Bracken (oh what a cutesy little dog), Stan, Katmandu, the black athlete injury and the cat.....I tell ya girl, I feel like I am with you as you travel barefoot through the mountains and it leaves me breathless......I am still walking in stunned-ness (think I made up a word) over Katmandu and his xtra ordinary talent and intuitiveness...lordy what a cat, I miss him, I even cry for him.

"When you guys experienced the Bear, I kept screaming in my head "where is the cat? where is the cat?"

Joey Lynne

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  1. Agreed, I totally loved this story book. Have read it a couple of times now. :)